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Introducing_ A new & improved Loxo-1

Our Talent Intelligence Platform was built — from the very start — to make every recruiter's life easier.

Through a user-friendly platform that was designed to optimize every stage of the recruiting workflow, Loxo has saved 125,000+ recruiters time, money, and headaches. 

But we were just getting started — and our product team has spent countless hours (and cups of coffee) over the past six months improving data quality and accuracy across the entire Loxo platform.

We can now proudly say that our data, our platform-native machine learning, and our pricing have never been better.

*No credit card required — just sign up and get started! For 7 days, you'll have access to Loxo's premium features, absolutely no strings attached. 


Fun fact: Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, known for her expertise with a bow & arrow. The name "Loxo" actually comes from the Greek term for the trajectory of an arrow.

We take the name to heart and strive to be 1% better every. single. day.

This means you can now hunt for candidates like never before with:
✅ More and better data
✅ More affordable plan options

✅ UNLIMITED results per Loxo Source query
✅ UNLIMITED contact information credits with Loxo Connect
✅ Enhanced AI as Copilot finds candidates that you might have missed


Plus, we're now offering more affordable pricing plans — so that anyone can benefit from Loxo

We truly believe in the power of our product — and the fact that it keeps getting better, every day. 

That's why we're so passionate about making sure that anyone who wants to use Loxo's Talent Intelligence Platform is able. 

And don't forget — our best-in-class ATS and Recruiting CRM are free, forever. 

Find who you're looking for,
with more precision than ever before:

Find best-fit candidates with NextGen Loxo Source

Welcome to the future of candidate sourcing. No other ATS  allows you to see your total addressable talent market in one place — but now you can combine your hard-earned candidate insights with Loxo's market-leading database to surface the best fits, every time. 

  • Boolean or keyword search capabilities
  • Source from Loxo's database of 1.2+ billion professionals and your own internal database at the same time
  • Enhanced filters include healthcare specializations, skills, seniority, education level, global cities/areas, and a mile-radius filter of the selected location
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Copilot, Loxo's proprietary Artificial Intelligence

We know, we know — AI is such a buzzword right now. But we've been investing in our own proprietary machine learning for over a decade (way before it was trendy 😎). With Copilot's help, you can find best-fit candidates, access contact information, craft compelling outreach sequences, and beyond. 

  • See candidates ranked by most available and likely to respond, best fit, and more 
  • Copilot will surface candidates that may fall slightly outside of your selected criteria and may have otherwise been missed in your search
  • Craft multi-channel, multi-step outreach campaigns with a few simple inputs and the click of a few buttons — Copilot does the rest! 

Identify new business & engage prospects with Loxo's Sales CRM

We're going to sound like a broken record, but it's true: no other ATS or Recruiting CRM offers you the functionality to identify and target Ideal Customer Profile accounts from within the same platform as the rest of your workflow. 

Within Loxo's Sales CRM, you can conduct all necessary business development functions — from tracking deal pipeline, to sourcing company information, to drilling down and identifying specific contacts within those companies to reach out to.

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Real-time updates to improve data accuracy in perpetuity

When you bring your data into Loxo, you get real-time updates on your entire database — from our data (which is now your data) to the candidate information you brought with you.

...Which means you can retain all of the context you had from that really great conversation with Galaxar two years ago...

But now, his record will be automatically updated if he ever leaves the company he was with when you spoke, or moves to a different city, or makes any other change that would’ve previously rendered your data out-of-date and inaccurate. 

It shouldn't take 10+ tools to make one hire.

Loxo's Talent Intelligence Platform has everything you need to find top talent, contact them, nurture them, and make 3.5x more placements — all in one extremely easy-to-use platform that keeps getting better with every search.

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TL;DR: If it doesn’t offer alllllllllll this, it’s not a Talent Intelligence Platform.

Master Pipeline view

One pipeline to rule them all. View all candidates — across every stage and every job — on one single page. Then, drill down as much as you want and build custom pipelines for different jobs, clients, recruiters, and more. 



A rapidly growing list of strategic partnership integrations covering all back-office activities — so you can take any of your favorite tools with you while still benefitting from Loxo's consolidated platform. 

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End-to-end lifecycle management

Develop & maintain relationships with clients and candidates alike, all from one centralized hub — so you can grow your business and make more placements. 


Build a talent database

Loxo's machine learning means you don't have to start every search from scratch! Instead, you can build a database of hard-to-find talent that few other have access to. As soon as you get the top 10% of talent into your database, your recruiters will become unstoppable.


Easily find perfect matches

Having the best talent in your database only matters if you can easily find them—and be confident that the data you're seeing is accurate and up-to-date. Loxo’s Recruiting CRM offers the best search capabilities in the market, and the data is enriched regularly so you can rest easy. 

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Nurture candidates with a few clicks

Loxo makes maintaining relationships easy, with AI-powered outreach campaigns and customizable communication templates for SMS and email. Make calls or send messages with just a few clicks. 

The proof is in the...
feedback from real users. 

Forget pudding — these recent screenshots will tell you everything you need to know about how much Loxo has improved over the past six months, and how it's having an impact on recruiters like you. 

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Ready to experience the new & improved Loxo for yourself?

Give Loxo's full capabilities a spin for 7 days, free.

After that, you'll always have access to our best-in-class ATS/Recruiting CRM for FREE. But if you want to upgrade your membership to maintain access to professional features, we won't stop you 😉